At Home

Meet with VA providers virtually and send important health data from the comfort of your home, using your computer or mobile device.

Note: Certain telehealth programs may not be available in all locations. To learn about telehealth options in your area, reach out to your provider at the nearest VA Medical Center.

To find your nearest VA Medical Center using the VA facility locator, enter your city, state, or ZIP code and select “VA Health” from the facility drop-down menu. VA Telehealth is based out of your nearest VA Medical Center, not CBOC or Vet Center.

Care That Fits Your Life

Having easy access to your VA care team is important for your health. But scheduling appointments and traveling to your provider's office can be difficult. Telehealth at home offers services that work with your current care plan, fit your lifestyle and help you stay healthy and independent.

Video Appointments

With VA Video Connect, you can meet providers in virtual medical rooms using the camera on a smartphone, computer or tablet. You and your provider work together to schedule online video appointments. You can even invite family members and caretakers to join the sessions.

How it works:

  • Talk to your doctor to see whether VA Video Connect could become a part of your care plan.
  • Receive an email link for your VA Video Connect session once it's scheduled.
  • At the time of your appointment, simply click on the link, enter your information and launch the session. (If you are using an Apple device, you must download the VA Video Connect app to connect.)     

For more information, visit the VA Video Connect page on the VA App Store.

Veteran using tablet at home.

Video visits at home may increase convenience and comfort for some Veterans, but may not be suitable for everyone. Ask your doctor if video visits at home are right for you.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth technologies can collect and send your health data, like vital signs, to your care team. Providers get the information they need to manage your care, while you are in a more comfortable environment. Health data will not be collected without your informed consent.

How it works:

  • You are assessed for Home Telehealth remote monitoring services.
  • If deemed appropriate, VA provides a device to fit your needs and gives you training on how to use it.
  • VA assigns you a Home Telehealth remote monitoring care coordinator.
  • Your care coordinator contacts VA hospitals and providers and helps you arrange treatment changes, clinic appointments and hospital admissions.

Ways To Get Connected

To use VA telehealth in your home, you will need internet access and a connected device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Need a Device or Internet?

VA and its partners are working to ensure that Veterans can access telehealth care from home, and they have several programs that can help you get connected. If you need internet access or a connected device for VA telehealth, read this fact sheet to learn about your options.

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In the Hospital

Telehealth in hospitals helps VA providers collaborate to improve your care — whether they share an office or work on opposite sides of the country.

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In the Clinic

Connect with VA health specialists across the country from a VA clinic near you.

How VA Telehealth Works

VA Telehealth Services gives you access to the care you need, when and where you need it.

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