In the Clinic

Connect with VA health specialists across the country from a VA clinic near you.

Closer to Your Care

Real-Time Video Telehealth

Telehealth technology in the clinic brings specialty staff and services closer to home. It allows you to connect with VA health specialists at medical centers nationwide from your community clinic. Providers make diagnoses, manage care and perform check-ups virtually.

Clinician, nurse, and patient on video call.

TelePrimary Care

Meet with your primary care provider from a convenient clinic location. Using video and special devices, your primary care provider can observe the session as if they were in the same room. Clinic-based telehealth uses a team model of care, in which another health provider conducts the in-person exams.

TeleMental Health

Last year, thousands of Veterans received TeleMental Health services and consultations. Connect with providers from a range of mental health professions to get the care you need.

Store-and-Forward Telehealth

Taking scans of a foot.

Health data in the form of sounds, images and video can be collected at a clinic near you and sent to a provider to review at another location. Store-and-Forward Telehealth lets you address health issues without the need for long travel or wait times, making the process easier for both patients and providers.

Specialty Care

Telehealth enables you to connect to the quality care you need in more than 50 specialty areas from your local VA clinic. VA’s ever-expanding list of specialty services available through telehealth gives you access to experts from tens or thousands of miles away.

Check with your provider about what's available to you.

Clinical Specialty

  • TeleCardiology
  • TeleChaplain
  • TeleDentistry
  • TeleDermatology
  • TeleEyeCare
  • TeleGenomics
  • TeleGI Hepatology
  • TeleHematology
  • TeleICU
  • TeleInfectious Disease
  • TeleMental Health
  • TeleMOVE!
  • TeleNephrology
  • TeleNeurology
  • TeleNutrition
  • TelePathology
  • TelePharmacy
  • TelePodiatry
  • TelePrimary Care
  • TelePulmonology
  • TeleRheumatology
  • TeleSCI/D
  • TeleSpirometry
  • TeleStroke
  • TeleSurgery
  • TeleTransplant
  • TeleWholeHealth
  • TeleWound Care
  • Virtual PACT
  • Womens Health


  • Blind TeleRehab
  • PolyTrauma Network
  • TeleAmputation
  • TeleAudiology
  • TeleKinesiology
  • TeleOccupational Therapy
  • TeleRehabilitation


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In the Hospital

Telehealth in hospitals helps VA providers collaborate to improve your care — whether they share an office or work on opposite sides of the country.

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At Home

Meet with VA providers virtually and send important health data from the comfort of your home, using your computer or mobile device.

How VA Telehealth Works

VA Telehealth Services gives you access to the care you need, when and where you need it.

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